Following a period of comprehensive testing and inspection at ULC’s laboratories we are delighted to announce that Smoke Sabre is now ULC Listed.

The news means Smoke Sabre has been evaluated and tested and found to comply with all applicable standards and allows users of Smoke Sabre in Canada to buy and use the product knowing they are getting the very best in performance and quality.


Having already gained UL Listing at the time of launch in January 2009, ULC Listing was seen as the next logical step for the product; the listing by ULC supports the launch plans for Smoke Sabre in Canada and acknowledges the quality and reliability shown within the product.


Since its launch Smoke Sabre has proved a popular choice within the detector testing field with many users attracted by its innovative design.  As well as the eye catching nature of Smoke Sabre, the tester also offers enhanced performance levels compared to other testers and is impossible to use to close to the detector – eliminating residue build up with can damage the detector.